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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Questions and Answers

I've just started to share this link, and I'm getting questions off-blog. So I thought I'd take a moment to do some Q&A

1. Can you add a link that talks about you?

Until I put up a link, here are a few things: African-American; PhD, Stanford University; Formerly professor at Rice University (Business School); Currently visiting professor at Dartmouth College (Engineering School) I expect to explain more as I go, as it relates to the project.

2. What are your aspirations for this project?
  • To apply the latest thinking from my own research to help a lot of people.
  • To give many kinds of people who want to support the evacuees a unique outlet to do so.
  • To give my students this fall term (which starts Thursday) a unique learning experience.
3. Will the Mosaic project be a blog/comments space only?

Currently, I envision at least one or two more web spaces for this to work. Exactly what this project evolves into will depend in on the ideas and solutions generated with and by my students, as well as the contributions of others.

To give you an idea of where I'm going, think open-source software. Or think of the organizing techniques of Howard Dean's presidential campaign. I've studied Dean's campaign for the past two years. While I've outlined a general purpose and architecture of this Mosaic project, the details of what, how, and when things happen will depend on a community of contributors.


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