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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Not really a return to civilization

I'm Monisha Sujan and I'm a New Orleanian. I'm currently in Burlington, Vermont. In later posts, I can delve into my story (a very fortunate one). However, today, I want to share the list of items a friend is taking with him when he returns home to New Orleans.

food for one month, mostly canned, boxed, jarred, dried and easy to eatw/out much fuss
18 gal. drinking water in gallons
15 gal. washing water in 5-gallons
1250 generator w/ 19 gal. gas--not enough to power fridge, AC, etc, but torun power tools, charge phones, computers, etc. and watch Big TVoccasionally
battery-operated little tv, radio, CD player5 gal. bleach, dilutable to 30 gallon solution
1 case Lysol spray
6 pair heavy-duty rubber gloves
3 pair work gloves
2 pair rain boots
2 pair steeltoe work boots
lots of old, throwaway clothes, along with regular clothes
50 aos safety dust masks
3 closed respirators
3 pair safety goggles
tools of all sorts, from muck shovels to caroebter's and electrician'stools, most of which I evacuated with
2 rolls duct tape
150 heavy-duty trash bags
20 rolls paper towels
20 rolls toilet paper
2 tubs baby wipes
paper plates, bowls, plasticware for 50 (sorry for the ecomurder, butwashing dishes will be a luxury until the city water is solved)
hand sanitizer/cleaner
lots of first aid, including bandages, alcohol, neosporin, antibiotics, etc.(already got hep A/B and tetnus shots)
Listerine, toothpaste, soap, shampoo
ziploc bags all sizes, 2 rolls aluminum foil
90 ea. D and AA batteries
1 1/2 cases wine, mostly reds
3 cases beer, mostly lagers
I bottle Irish
I bottle Kentucky
1 bottle Patron coffee tequila
5 half-pints Jim Beam (said to be very good bribes for National Guardpatrols when you're caught after curfew)
3 cartons Camel Filters
2 bags Bugler with papers
3 lbs coffee (and cans of evaporated milk--yuck)
candles, battery-operated mini-flourescents, maglites, million-candlepowerspot
1 pump shotgun w/ alternating loads triple-ought and double-ought fourpatch kit and 12-volt air pump (friend B says he's patched TWENTY flats inthe past 3 weeks, mostly from roofing nails in the road)

Not really a return to civilization


  • Yesterday, about half the New Orlean's city workers were laid off due to financial troubles.

    [Mayor] Nagin described the layoffs as "pretty permanent" and said that the city will work with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to notify municipal employees who fled the city in the aftermath of Katrina, which struck about a month ago.

    Getting FEMA's help to notify people that they have been fired?

    By Blogger Quintus Jett, at 1:52 AM  

  • adding to the woes of the victims, there is a website scam going on with the people who are helping through monetary contributions. There are atleast 20 fake website asking for money thriuh paypal / redcross/WHO [ CNN reporting]

    The fact is that these websites look like the original ones.

    By Blogger monu, at 8:23 PM  

  • That's too bad. I think there would be even more money donated if people could see exactly where it was going, and be assured that what they give isn't wasted or stolen.

    Someone visiting me yesterday found a family in need, one she could verify through a friend as having evacuated and genuinely needing help, and she paypal'd the family directly.

    By Blogger Quintus Jett, at 6:13 AM  

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