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Friday, October 07, 2005

New Orleanians - They Need You In October

This project has always had an emphasis on people from the start: how can we help others respond and work together - to address the community needs of evacuees wherever they are displaced? A good part of it is communication, so here we are. Thanks to MT for emailing me the audio report yesterday. Perhaps we should all talk more about the displaced as "New Orleanians" instead of just as "evacuees" (credit for image above: Steve Inskeep, NPR)

In the news, immediate action is still needed more than many people think. As the interim FEMA chief was questioned by Congress yesterday, the Boston Globe reports on where things are headed for New Orleanians who are displaced.

Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, noted that h
undreds of thousands of hurricane victims remain in hotel rooms and emergency shelters -- despite more than $2 billion already spent by FEMA for 120,000 temporary trailers and mobile homes. Only 109 Louisiana families have been put in those homes, while tens of thousands of state residents remain in shelters, she said.

So far, FEMA has spent $1.3 billion to help Katrina victims find homes, and 600,000 have registered for the rental program. But victims still in shelters face an Oct. 15 deadline, set by President Bush, to find more stable housing -- including apartments, trailers and in some cases, hotels. Meanwhile, FEMA is weighing whether to extend a program that reimburses the American Red Cross for the cost of hotel rooms for victims. That program is set to expire Oct. 24.

Is you think the critical times are months away, think again. Small acts by you now will save lots of misery and lots of cost (which we will all have to bear) later. What tiny thing can you do today? If you can't do anything today, post an idea in the comments area below -- an idea that another person (not a group, not an organization, not the government) can do. Or click on the envelope icon below -- forward this message to someone you care about.


  • encouraging users to annotate a Google Map of New Orleans with information about specific locations

    By Blogger Quintus Jett, at 7:52 AM  

  • I just found this on my work website...

    "The United Way brings diverse people and resources together to address the most urgent issues their communities face. Community partners often include schools, government policy makers, businesses, organized labor, financial institutions, voluntary and neighborhood associations, community development corporations, and the faith community.

    The United Way has established a Hurricane Katrina Relief and Rebuilding Fund that will focus on the rebuilding efforts in both the short and long term. Providing funds to local communities on the ground in each of the effected areas is the most affective and efficient way to help individuals and families reclaim their homes and rebuild their lives.

    The United Way of Tri-County is spearheading hurricane relief efforts here in the local Metrowest/495 corridor and is serving as a clearinghouse for donations to the national United Way Fund. If you wish to help in the rebuilding efforts, please contact the United Way of Tri County at 1-888-811-3291. You can also send a check to:

    The United Way Katrina Rebuilding Fund
    c/o The United Way of Tri-County
    46 Park Street
    Framingham, MA 01702"

    This sounds like an organization we might want to pair up with or at least contact to see specifically what they are doing.

    By Anonymous PCFrost, at 12:32 PM  

  • thanks. Contacting local arms of national organizations like the United Way is the kind of thing we are looking for in this project...

    By Blogger Quintus Jett, at 8:50 AM  

  • The link to the article does not work... Is there anything we can do to change that?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:54 PM  

  • Thanks for pointing that out. I reposted the information in a seperate post.

    By Blogger Quintus Jett, at 5:29 PM  

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