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Monday, October 17, 2005

Other Social Issues will get their Attention

Most of us are familiar with the racial tension that has resulted due to the government's poor response to Katrina - I wonder what degree of attention will result from some other issues that have bubbled to the surface after this terrible crisis. These can't go unnoticed. As a society, we also have to deal with these controversies, either socially or through legislation:

*Euthanasia - New Orleans doctors were faced with the terrible decision of whether or not to put patients out of their misery when necessary supplies and expertise could not be brought into hospitals

*Price gouging - Not nearly enough has been done do prevent gas stations from charging $5/gal. in Alabama. After Ivan, some lowlifes were trying to charge naive elderly and foreigners $20,000 (!!!) to chop up trees that landed on their homes. Do something, W! Increase the penalties for price gougers, increase the efforts to find them; evacuees can get sandwiches without your help.

*Real estate opportunists - some are trying to buy up underpriced property from desperate or naive sellers who need to get money quick. I've read articles about plans to turn what were people's neighborhoods into commercial property or overpriced highrise apartments.

If you have any more issues to add to this, please do so. The more awareness about these, the better.


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