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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Can You Spare A Fiber-Optic Cable?

"The two miles closest to the Gulf and Biloxi Bay are incomprehensibly clobbered. Half a mile from the shore, literally nothing but trees and trash remains. Inland farther, many homes appear intact from the outside. Inside, those people who chose to stay or who have already returned sift through knee high mud and debris. It is not uncommon to hear people report that they literally have nothing left but the clothes they left with." -- NickTaranto, Dartmouth student (10/6 email update and photo from Biloxi, MS)

Nick Taranto is scouting ahead for a winter-break relief effort in Biloxi by Dartmouth students. After talking with people from many organizations there, the consensus is it is "far too early to begin planning a rigid trip for December." As Nick later explained to me by phone, volunteers will surely be needed but it is unclear what the exact needs will be then. He sees needs on the ground there changing daily(!).

Nick says there's a need now for a 8000-foot, multi-grade G-strand fiber-optic cable. Can you find one? If so, leave a message at 603-646-9156


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