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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Starting all over again

After listening to Marc Morial's speech, I found it thought provoking to say the least. However, during the Q and A session I began to wonder about the role each of the different help efforts. With the needs of the Evacuee changing somewhat spontaneously maybe the most effective relief efforts will be to establish a way to rebuild the city as well as the economic status of the Victims. Not simply donating money, food and clothes, but doing more to establish the victims. In other words if you are not already housing an Evacuee and their family then maybe the next best thing is to facilitate them moving back down to New Orleans. Giving them priority in the job market. Yes it is somewhat idealistic, but I believe at some point, Katrina Evacuees will want to return to their former lives in New Orleans. Morial's speech illustrates ways of doing this, and if anything should at least be given meaningful consideration.


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