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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Apparently there's a note on my house from FEMA

A couple of good friends (well actually work colleagues who have bent over backwards and inside out to help me and my family after Katrina - now lifelong friends!) just returned from my house in N.O. I got a report and first photos of the house. Though my father has returned, he has kept from me the realities of the damage. I am so grateful for these friends.
We had the chance to laugh today when they also reported a note on the front porch of our duplex, a form, I guess that said FEMA would not be doing any further repairs on my house because "construction had already begun." The sign cited repairs to the exposed tar-paper on the roof. Scrawled across the note was a long hand response: "I put bricks on the tar paper to keep it from blowing away! FEMA go stick your thumb in a levee."
I don't know who wrote that. My father? Our neighbors? What strikes me is the dialogue. 99 Theses on the door about why the federal government won't help and grafitti in response and defiance. It seems awfully passive, not to engage face-to-face. But could Martin Luther have marched into the Vatican for a chat? I think not. Would a conversation with the local bishop have rendered better results than theses upon the door? No, a public post is more open source, open dialogue and in some ways more provoking.
I have very little to offer these days about the direction our government and society are heading. Too much? Too little? Improvement? Disintegration? Yet, as long as our private thoughts and public sentiments can be closely aligned, there is promise for progress.


  • I feel the same way at times about our government. What could be more important than the lives and well being of your own people? We are fighting to occupy a nation that no long wants or needs our help (and we're paying an obseen amount to do this), but we have no money to help our own people nor do we have any intention of helping them.

    By Blogger Mustafa, at 8:27 AM  

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