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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I still don't believe it!!!

I don't know if I should be starting something like this though, because until now our blogs have been constructive and in many was encouraging. But I have to because this time I'm frustrated. I've already had a very colorful morning, and I have not been handling my emotions very well. However, one way or another, conversation about the rebuilding of New Orleans came up while I caught up on the latest news. I commented on the lack of togetherness in the rebuilding process and made a stabbing comment about the commitments and priorities of our President, suggesting that he be impeached. Yes it was an emotional inference, but it's definitely not the first time I've heard someone recommend that regarding President Bush anyway. Nevertheless, I sparked a harsh reaction from one of the persons sitting in the student center going something to the effect that:
There is no point in tapping heavily into the nations budget to rebuild New Orleans, because there has been enough money sunk into Katrina already anyway. Half of the population displaced in Katrina were not even significant contributors to the nations well being anyway, and that they've done enough sucking from the nipple of the nation anyway. He suggested that we were doing enough by simply having them in shelters and meeting the essential needs of them for now but it would be senseless to put rebuilding New Orleans any higher on his list of priorities right now. Most of those people were probably on welfare anyway so we are taking care of them now as we were before Katrina hit.
You can't even imagine how furious I was after hearing someone say like that. What a racist, provocative and jabbing remark to make. And after having the day I've been having already I felt so justified to just break his neck then and there. However, I gathered myself and said that people all over the world see America as the land of opportunity; we set the standard for human rights, liberties, and justice and if we don't do something about our own people in a time of crisis then our purpose as a nation among nations is obsolete. We have a commitment to our people fist regardless I they are white or not, and they all contribute to this country even if you recognize it or not. It's sad that someone like you would see as much as you do and comprehend less than a newborn baby. If it weren't for the fact that I'm a Dartmouth student AT Dartmouth College I would have thrown all intellect aside and bashed your face in for a comment like that. And here's the best part...then I walked away. I was proud of myself because I am not used to doing this, especially given the day I had been having. I don't ever want to revisit this day.


  • You spoke the truth:

    "We (Americans) set the standards for human rights, liberties, and justice and if we don't do something about our own people in a time of crisis then our purpose of a nation among nations is obsolete."

    You did the right thing ~ you walked away after speaking your truth. And, your "positive" words, like the ones above, are the ones we can all build on.

    Noone knows the soul of another except sometimes when one sees in a particular individual (whether rich or poor)a great...but perhaps even unnoticed...contribution to the higher good that makes a difference by being on this earth.

    By Blogger Patty Ann Smith, at 2:16 PM  

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