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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

On the eleventh day..

Some good news... this project has received a small internal research grant from Dartmouth College. It's not just the money to continue that's good. The College's Provost Barry Scherr supports the project's key features:

- Collaboration a faculty member from Dillard University in New Orleans (Beverly Wright)

- Interdisciplinary collaboration at Dartmouth, among a faculty member in engineering (me), a faculty member from Geography (Xun Shi), and a couple of faculty members from Environmental Studies (Darren Ranco, Michael Dorsey).

- A plan to create a prototype for future systems that enable private citizens and NGOs to participate more readily in open-sourced projects.

With the internal grant, we can prepare a larger grant to continue this work, making this research-inspired educational project into a functioning research project.


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