MOSAIC NOLA:The Gentilly Project

Monday, December 26, 2005

On the second day

In his recent blog post, Clayton Cubitt describes the kind of thing that's now happening in multiple locations:

Often the best way to solve an insurmountable problem is to start with an attainable goal. With that philosophy, a grassroots coalition of volunteers from Walton County, Florida, started the "One House at a Time" project. Working with their local Habitat for Humanity affiliate, the group adopted the town of Pearlington and recently completed the first of many temporary houses. The coalition's goal is to raise money and build 200 houses in Hancock County.

Residents and volunteers are starting to take back flood-ruined neighborhoods in the Gulf Coast, concentrating block-by-block and house-by-house. This kind of grassroots organizing appeals to my head.

The core event of Cubitt's post - Miss Suzie and Mr Josh getting married - touches my heart. Recovery is more than logical planning. It is more than dealing with what our senses are telling us. It is more than what our prior experience tells us is possible.

Recovery is also love for one another. It is the restoration of hope in one person or one family. It is faith in the revival of communities, when standing in the midst of destruction.

A lot can happen with unexpected speed when effective organizing has this kind of love, hope, and faith operating in tandem.