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Sunday, December 04, 2005

From Charlotte, North Carolina

I received this email a few days ago, and I'm reprinting this here with the author's permission

Hello, my name is Rhonda Flowers and I am a New Orleans native relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina. I hope something can be done and the election scheduled for February is postponed. We are interested in returning to our homes someday. However, we still would like the right to vote on issues that benefit our city while away from home.

I hope a creative way can be done to stop the election or allow those away to vote. Changes need to be made to better our city. If we are not allowed to vote those necessary changes needed to help African American communities in the city will not take place.

It's not that we have thrown our city away we had no choice in leaving our homes. There are about 3,000 residents from New Orleans here in Charlotte. We do not hear about most of the important information going on in our city which causes a problem. If this election will take place I beg our leaders to send out information via mailings, internet, television, etc. so our voices can be heard and our votes counted.

If we are not allowed to vote the city will never be the same and benefit low-income African-Americans. We should still have the right to vote in our city and our voice should be heard. Thank you. Be Blessed.

Louisiana's Secretary of State has said on Friday that the city's local elections should be postponed from February 4. Governor Blanco makes the final determination. The recommendation is that elections take place no later than September 30.

The Salvation Army hosts a monthly meeting for evacuees in Charlotte, NC. The next meeting is this Thursday, December 8 at 515 Clanton Road, starting at 6pm.


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