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Monday, November 28, 2005

Whats going on!?

People really don’t know what’s going on down in New Orleans. I had someone ask me the other day: “Is all the water gone in New Orleans yet?” I was not upset, nor did I feel like she was entirely responsible for not knowing. In my opinion the media, government and even American population (at large) have stepped back from the Katrina rebuilding process. It seems like because it’s no longer “headline news” it is not important enough to make a priority in information the people about the status of New Orleans. Not only is it the necessary, but on some levels it’s the media’s responsibility to keep the American people informed about something as important as what is going on down in New Orleans. If we can’t even count on our media to inform, us then whom can we count on?


  • Transparency into what's happening in New Orleans would go a long way...

    Unfortunately, anything we see has to be framed as "news" - as in selling the public on the recovery that has been done or casting despair on what hasn't been done.

    I'd personally like to have the recovered and non-recovered elements of the city laid out in more detail for the public to see

    By Anonymous quintus jett, at 8:10 PM  

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