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Monday, December 05, 2005

Why We Can't Wait

The Mosaic Project will be continuing through the holiday season, focusing on the front line issue of New Orleans repopulation: environmental protection, health and safety.

A long-term emphasis on New Orleans recovery has stolen urgency and public direction on what can be done today, and so the aim this holiday season is provide up-to-date information on several issues:

  • Reconstruction and fortification of levees
  • Identification of plans to redevelop Louisiana's coastal wetlands
  • Sampling of the city's physical environment to ensure the health and safety of returning residents, reconstruction workers, and volunteers.
This information, organized to provide situational awareness within New Orleans districts and neighborhoods, provides a critical role in allocating resources for resident return and recovery. And in atracting resources too.

Many people don't give to worthy causes all the time, out of concern of where their contribution will be most effective. Providing ongoing transparency on this, with respect to New Orleans, is sorely needed.


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