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Friday, April 07, 2006

Hotspot in New York!!

Apologies in advance to those expecting an inside tip on a hot place to be in NYC.

I'm on layover at JFK airport, on my way to New Orleans again. It turns out that the terminal of jetBlue Airways has free(!) wireless hotspots, so here I am. Thank you, jetBlue : )

It's been a loooong time since I have blogged about the Mosaic Project. Since January. As someone who understands the significance of blogging regularly, I've felt bad on many occasions the past few months during my absence.

Online communication on this blog is the only signal of project activity, for those who don't have personal contact with me. I'm sure many visitors to the blog in recent weeks and mnoth have (understandably) concluded that the Mosaic Project is dead. Far from it. It's still here, lots of progress has been made, and there's more coming.

Now, after a busy winter, I'm finally back to share some of it online. I'm looking forward to tell you about the impacts that the project is making: how others have contributed, specific ways that you can help us in the coming weeks, and what this current trip that I'm making to New Orleans is about.

Talk to you soon, Quintus


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