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Thursday, November 17, 2005

FEMA at it Again!

Acting FEMA director David Paulison is being criticized for attempting to impose a Dec. 1 eviction date for the estimated 41,700 families relocated to hotels with the exception of Louisiana and Mississippi. Families within the states of Louisianan and Mississippi have until Jan. 7 to be evacuated. With 19,158 evacuated families in the city of Huston alone, people like Huston mayor Bill White are expecting mass homelessness and overcrowded homeless shelters. This eviction deadline is being criticized for its short sightedness and almost apathetic attitude towards those struggling to find housing. This is a depressing situation and should bring shame to this so-called wealthy nation. With oil companies registering record profits and thousands of Americans being left out in the cold there is something wrong with our priorities as a nation.


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