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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Levees Are Not Enough

For New Orleans to withstand future hurricanes, coastal wetlands will have to be restored. Levees alone won't do it.

Even before Katrina, it was known that Louisiana has been losing dozens of acres of coast **every day**. As these wetlands erode, New Orleans becomes more vulnerable to every hurricane that approaches. Storm surges on the city are higher as the coast erodes. Wetlands reduce the burden on the city's leves.

So is stopping coast erosion hopeless? No. Louisiana's costal wetlands can be rebuild. Already there is a plan that explains how to do it (Coast 2050). It was completed a year ago and was produced by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and state and local agencies.

The solution is on the shelf. Estimated cost is $15 billion over several decades. Apparently, the nation spends more in Iraq in one week!

Here's the executive summary.


  • Dr. Jett, Praise Our God Christ Jesus the Lord of whom I am His servant as well as yours. As I write a Louisiana legislator; Kaye Kellog Katz, just finished a mini interview on the local CBS Affiliate, talking about the session and the Levees. There are so many issues, concerning these matters. Which are and were matters of race and deprivation. I must continue to push the justice issue on these and other matters in the State of Louisiana. Bishop George has received your emails and will be responding momentarily. However, the Richard Baker bill, for which the Governor supports and the La. Legislative Black Caucus doesnot support; concerning housing is a prime issue. What we have in the wake of Katrina is "social-engineering" catapulted be money-mongers and the entrepreneural gestapo capitalism of the neuvo-ultraconservative controllers of our society, of which Governor Blanco is a Dixiecrat, the former years southern ultraconservative and the administration; whose justice department could give a tinkers about the rights of any human, at present. Haliburton and the Shaw Group is what this is about. Blanco's Shaw Group-the democrats & Cheney-Bushes Haliburton-the republicans. And we the American People all over this nation; are caught in the middle. Pawns again; we are, Brokers as always; they are. What's next. The end of this age!

    Tsunami on December 26th 2004. Earthquake the day after Easter 2005. Hurricane up the funnel in July towards Mobile during the National NAACP Convention. Enter the systems, and now the Katrina Effect!

    H L

    By Blogger H. L. Rasman, at 6:13 AM  

  • HL, thanks for posting. There's no much that can be done.

    For instance, something we can all do is take Right of Return to the next step. Let's work on helping families return and get back home to New Orleans.

    By Blogger Quintus Jett, at 6:53 AM  

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