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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Mosaic: An Information Clearinghouse?

The best "information clearinghouse" is people talking to each other, particularly when we're all trying to make sense out of non-routine events like the flooding of New Orleans. That why I think among the best clearinghouses of information are the forums or craigslist.

Or just about any gathering of people who are concerned about New Orleans and its residents. If the gathering is large enough and has people who have different bits of information, everyone attending comes away a lot more informed.

Lately, I've been thinking of Mosaic as an operations center. I see it today as a crossroads for all the different people who'd like to see more action in recovery. As families are being put out of temporary housing in the coming weeks, those who are action-oriented need a means of congregation, irrespective of their locations and the organizations they belong to.

If you want updates or have plans and meetings in the works for evacuees and returning NOLA residents, sign up and keep visiting.


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