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Friday, April 14, 2006

Needed: Gentilly Street Addresses

We're looking for an electronic dataset that contains street addresses of all the Gentilly properties. There are ways to do this piecemeal, but we have (over?) 17,000 addresses to obtain.

The Properties Database of City of New Orleans website gives all the addresses in the city, if you input a particular street name. But that requires us to identify and input every street name in Gentilly...

We do have street addresses of some of the Gentilly block captains. It's a start...

I met with students Cary and Anath here at Dartmouth this afternoon. They had lots of ideas on this and other things on how to make it easier for others to contribute. Also met/spoke with someone from the GCIA Infrastructure committee. Earlier this morning, I submitted a proposal to Dillard University on how its students may participate in the Gentilly mapping process as part of their required service project.


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